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Soul of the Night Barbara Sheridan

Soul of the Night

Barbara Sheridan

Published January 1st 2007
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

On the streets of old San Francisco darkness threatens to consume a vampires soul, and one mans love is all that stands between good and evil. The truth of his vampiric nature a carefully guarded secret, Kiyoshi Ishibe wanders alone in the shadows of the past. Banished from Edo in disgrace, the once famous kabuki actor Ryuhei Nakamura also journeys in loneliness. Both souls find one another in the night, each man filling the emptiness of the other. But temptation and desire brings out the worst in Kiyoshi, triggering a fascination with the blood of a killer known as the Poisoned Dragon. As this interest quickly spirals into an obsession, everything Kiyoshi and Ryuhei have come to treasure is in danger of being lost.forever. Soul of the Night includes 9 original illustrations by Anne Cain. Warning, this title contains the following: Explicit sex, graphic language, violence, and hot mansex.