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The Arts of the Church Henry Beauchamp Walters

The Arts of the Church

Henry Beauchamp Walters

Kindle Edition
102 pages
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 About the Book 

This illustrated book was published in 1908.Excerpts from the book:THE origin of the bell as an instrumentof music is, one may almost say, lostin antiquity. Its use is, moreover, widelyspread over the whole world. But I donot propose to enlarge on its early historyhere, or on its employment by all nations.Christian or heathen. Space will not per-mit me to do more than trace its historyand uses in the Christian Church, and moreparticularly in the Church of England.The word bell is said to be connectedwith bellow and bleat and to refer toits sound - the later Latin writers call it,among other names, campana a word withwhich we are familiar, not only as fre-quently occurring in old bell inscriptions,but as forming part of the word Cam-panalogy, or the science of bell-ringing.The French and Germans, again, call itcloche and glocke respectively, the wordsbeing the same as our clock - but thatis a later use, and they really mean cloak,with reference to the shape of the bell, orrather of the mould in which it is cast.Modern bell-founders, it is interesting tonote, speak of the mould as the cope whichagain suggests a connection with the formof a garment.It is not known exactly when bells wereintroduced into the Christian Church - butit is certain that large bells of the formwith which we are familiar were not in-vented until after some centuries ofChristianity.......................................................................................Contents:I. Early History and Methods of CastingII. The English Bell-foundersIII. Big Bells- Carillons and Chimes- CampanilesIV. Change-RingingV. Uses and Customs of BellsVI, The Decoration of Bells and their InscriptionsVII. The Care of Bells