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Marine Life   Tpb Linda Svendsen

Marine Life Tpb

Linda Svendsen

Published July 4th 1993
ISBN : 9780006474951
176 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In these seamlessly interwoven stories Linda Svendsen charts with tenderness and devastating accuracy the longings, pleasures, and terrors of belonging to a family. Through the watchful and sometimes astonished eyes of Adele Nordstrom, we see her chaotic working-class home in Vancouver: her mother, June, a cocktail pianist who never stops believing in the redemptive power of another marriage, and who soothes a frightened daughter by playing Away in a Manger on her back- and her brother Ray, the roving charmer. And theres Adele herself, who as a child will look unsparingly at the failures of her elders, and as a grownup will find herself helplessly repeating them